Apr 16

Preparing good quality rice with the right rice cooker

Rice is a powerful food staple for every meal, so you better cook rice in good quality. It is sometimes difficult for you to avoid undercooking or overcooking the rice. However, you apply your method of preparing for a good result. What is your method of cooking rice? Are you sure you are preparing good quality cooked rice? What might be the difference in the quality of rice when using an electric kitchen appliance?

white rice

Significant Uses of Rice Cooker

A rice cooker or multi cooker is an appliance used for automated cooking with a timer. A multi cooker has many uses. It can steam, stew, roast, grill, deep fry, boil, simmer, bake and grill food. It uses in preparing food using every type of method of cooking such as simmering, slow cooking, steaming, boiling and also baking. This device is operated by putting the ingredient inside and selecting the corresponding program then leaving it for a few minutes until it is perfectly cooked. (Guide: How to cook rice perfectly)

There are stovetop pots that you can cook rice in a covered pan on the stove but how about preferring a rice cooker or a multi cooker in cooking rice? A rice cooker is a designed to cook short, medium or long grain rice with little or without intervention from the cook. This electric appliance has the capacity in a better result in cooking the rice. It is an automated tool that allows better quality cooked rice compared to a stovetop. It reduces time spent in the kitchen preparing meals.

Steps in Easy Cooking

With these, you just need to follow simple steps or guidelines to make the cooking easy. First, you have to pick a rice type. Examples are purple rice, brown rice or typically plain white rice. Then find appropriate indicator and fill the pot up to the marker inside it. The rice will be optimized, and it will taste better.

Performance is may be the reason some uses an electric cooker since its result is mostly better that stovetop cooking. There is the tendency that you vary the heat pressure depending on the amount and type of rice you are cooking. Long-grain brown rice takes much time in the cooking  you are using the stovetop. But when you use a rice cooker, it reduces the time consumed in food. Using a slower cooker will need more effort concerning cooking rice. You have to monitor it and stir from time to time. It gives your convenience of using the rice cooker because you don’t have to stand by on it in the entire process of cooking. Rice cooker makes the cooked rice more tastes. It gives aroma to the rice after it has cooked. Through the keep-warm setting, you don’t have to worry that it will be overcooked or undercooked. (Read: Purchasing a fuzzy rice cooker)

The primary benefit of a rice cooker is making cooking easier for you. This innovative technology is a great help in preparing an excellent quality of cooked rice.

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Dec 15

Tips for Healthy Cooking with Nonstick Cookware

Nonstick pans have come under fire lately. Cooking with pans that have a nonstick coating, such as Teflon, may expose you to a dangerous chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which advisers to the EPA have labeled as a likely human carcinogen.

This chemical and its precursors are also found in grease-resistant microwave popcorn bags and stain- and water-resistant fabrics. The EPA and the manufacturers report that PFOA isn’t released in normal cooking, but heating a coated pan to high temperatures can cause off-gassing of PFOA. According to Dupont, this occurs at 660 degrees. Still, a forgotten empty skillet can reach that temperature in a few minutes.

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Careful with the Nonstick Coating

Discard pans that have scratches; the coating can flake off into foods and be ingested. To avoid the fumes that occur when a nonstick pan is heated to more than 660 degrees, never put one under a broiler or leave an empty skillet on a stove-top burner. Technology is improving, so choose the best non stick cookware with newer nonstick coatings that do not contain PFOA. These are new, though, so long-term tests have not been conducted.

Use anodized aluminum cookware set, which are hardened to the point that they’re nearly nonporous, so food doesn’t stick easily to their surface.

Use good old cast-iron pans. Although they are heavy, they conduct heat easily, and well-seasoned cast iron is virtually nonstick. Plus, the iron that leaches into your food from the pan can have health benefits.

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Nov 15

Why I Can’t Live Without A Reliable Toaster In My Kitchen

Just like a lot of people, I enjoy having a cup of coffee and toasted bread when I wake up every morning. For this simple reason alone, I always make sure that the toaster in my kitchen is always in working condition. Based on my personal experience, there are a lot of toasters today that don’t last very long. After using them for a few months or even weeks, they would break down. This is why whenever I purchase another toaster, I make sure that it was manufactured by a trusted brand. The price may be more but it’s worth it because at least the toaster will last long.

toaster (1)

I think the best toasters in the market today are the ones made by the brands Cuisinart, Oster, Black and Decker, and Breville. These are brands that are known for the high quality of their products. This is why I always prefer their toasters when I go shopping for another one. Their price tags are not only very affordable, they are also sturdy enough to last for years if they are well taken care off. I also want my toasters to have features that can help me toast bread more efficiently and quickly. Needless to say, the brands I just mentioned have the features I’m looking for.

Another thing that I look for in a toaster is the overall design and size. I have a fairly small kitchen so I want my toaster to be a bit smaller as well so that it won’t occupy too much space in the kitchen counter. As long as the toaster can toast at least two slices of bread in one go, it’s fine by me (Guide: How to make toast). However, the toasting time should be quick because I’m always in a rush when I wake up in the morning to get ready for work. The faster the toasting time, the better.

Oct 15

Intrigues of a Japanese Kitchen Knife

Today, Japanese kitchen knives are one of the most treasured kitchen cutlery in the world. They are one of those things that define a modern kitchen and its domination in the ‘kitchen world’ cannot be over-emphasized. They are one of those things that you will notice in almost all the cooking TV shows in Mexico, Japan and in any other part of the world. There is no major knife brand in the world that stands out as so spectacularly modern, untainted steel right from the tip to the base. There are the cheap Japanese chef knife sets under $100 that are popularly known all over the world.

As a result of its popularity, one of the main challenges being faced by the developers of the Japanese kitchen knives is forgery. As a chef, cook or a shopper you need to be able to differentiate between an original from a fake one so as to avoid being a forgers victim. One distinguishing feature of a Japanese kitchen knife is that, they are lightweight and have very sharp edges. In addition, their steel blades are very firm unlike the other knives which are usually flexible. Its unbending ability makes it easier to maintain their sharp edges. (Read about sharpening your kitchen knives here)


It is only Japan that has its own unique techniques of designing kitchen knives. At first, Japanese kitchen knives were designed to achieve the exceptional cutting needs that was required when preparing their own (Japanese) food e.g. sushi. Cutting raw fish with precision was the main consideration when developing the knives. Just visit any Japanese restaurant and you will definitely notice how specific they are when preparing a delicate raw fish slices and their quick act of chopping vegetable. Their finesse is only achieved as a result of the carefully designed Japanese knives.

The Sushi knife for instance, has been specifically designed to perform ‘surgeon-precision’ slices of raw fish even with limited effort. Perhaps, one of the most identifiable of the Japanese Kitchen knives is the extremely resourceful santoku knife. It is made unique by its exceptional style and finish. It has a flat edged blade that is characterized by some distinctive markings. As a result of its functional style and unique design, santoku is one of the most celebrated of the Japanese knives and is a darling to most celebrity chefs.

Japanese kitchen knives have gone global and are some of the top rated knives in the world. One problem though is that, not everybody has the skills to make the best out of the knives. Poor use of these knives can really ruin one’s reputation and to others it can be a waste of money. Some people only buy these Japanese knives to be envied by their friends and hence they end up not using the knife to its full potential. It is therefore important to take time and understand or rather familiarize yourself with your specific culinary desires and needs. To help you on this point, I’d like to refer you to a book titled Japanese Kitchen Knives written by chef Nozaki.

Aug 15

Feeding the Rice Lover

My husband is one of those guys who can’t let a meal pass by without eating at least 3 cups of rice. For some reason, he does not get fat though and he does not even exercise so it must be that metabolism. I decided to buy the best rice cooker brand in order to cook a lot of rice for our anniversary. I expect him to come home late for work so I have a lot of time to prepare everything. I wanted it to be a surprise so I also bought some meat in order to cook his favorite the Pot Roast Beef since that goes well with rice. I also thought sesame seed would mix well with Japanese rice too. Later on, I prepared the plates, spoons and forks already plus a candle for it to become a romantic dinner. Of course, it would be better to celebrate an anniversary at home instead of doing it at a restaurant so there would be nobody else around the place except the two of you.


The moment my husband came home, I shouted him “Surprise!” and he dropped his briefcase in amazement. I know it was a long day at work for him since he works at an insurance company. I knew he was going to be so hungry though since all that stress can make your tummy growl. He looked so happy when he saw the dinner table was all set with his favorite rice. He quickly gave me a kiss then a hug as he sat down. We looked so happy as we chomped down on the Japanese Rice and the Pot Roast Beef. It did not take long before he told me to do it again next year because he loves surprises especially when it involves a lot of rice.