Aug 16

Searching for the best electric tea kettle? Read this

Looking to make the switch to an electric kettle? Perhaps you are just seeking an upgrade, or a model more geared towards what you need it for.

There are countless tea kettles available now, making it a fairly arduous task when searching for the best electric tea kettle that suits your needs. The information below will go a long way in helping you reach a decision.

best tea kettle

Electric tea kettles offer a variety of uses and advantages over standard kettles that require external heating. While conventional kettles aren’t necessarily inferior, they do lack in many areas when compared to their electric counterparts. These are some of the bigger advantages worth noting.

Perhaps the biggest reason that many people opt for electric tea kettles is the convenience they offer. These kettles are simple to use, and require no external heat source. Some versions of electric kettles have their heat source built in, while others are made to be used with a base that heats the kettle.

At minimum, the kettle has a function that allows you to heat it with the press of a button. Others have programmable timers that allow you to determine when it turns on. There are even electric kettles that can heat the water to a specific temperature, which makes the ideal for brewing both coffee and tea.

Making Tea on a Stove

Electric tea kettles also provide a safer option for those that may forget to turn their stoves off, or forget that they are heating a kettle in the first place, as some may offer automatic shut off after running a heating cycle. Overall, electric tea kettles offer an easy way to heat up water for any culinary use calling for it. (Learn more on the benefits of electric kettle)

If you’ve used a conventional kettle before, you’re very aware of how long the process can sometimes take. It can seem like an eternity from the time you fill the kettle to when the water is actually ready for use, especially if your stove has gas burners. Electric tea kettles are much more efficient in their use of energy, and can heat up a full kettle in half the time it takes for a stovetop version. This can be very beneficial if you are in a hurry to brew coffee and tea – and who isn’t?

This was stated earlier, but worth mentioning again. Many electric kettles have the ability to heat water to a specific temperature. This is a great amenity to those who need water just below boiling point for things such as French presses, pour over coffee brewers, and loose leaf teas.

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Apr 16

Planning to Buy Espresso Machine: Things to Consider

Now that you understand what types of machines are available, let’s talk a bit about how to decide which one is best for you. First of all, I would recommend that you stay clear of steam espresso machines unless you drink only milk based coffee drinks. A manual espresso machine is also not the best choice for most first time buyers – if you get one of these espresso machines then be prepared for quite a number of poor espresso shots and some frustration before you learn get things right (the results are well worth it in the end if you don’t give up).  

Semi-automatic machines and automatic machines are very similar in concept, so I will treat them as one group for the purpose of this discussion and refer to them as semi-automatic machines. That leaves us with semi-automatic and super automatic machines – so your decision really boils down to a simple question: “Do I want a super automatic espresso machine?”. Let’s have a look at some of the major pros and cons of these bean-to-cup machines: (Shared from http://www.espresso-machines-and-coffee-makers.com/buy-espresso-machine.html)

  • Convenience – with higher end models you can pre-program several different drinks and then make them at a touch of a button.
  • Ease to use – your guests can easily operate the machine.
  • Consistency – you will get consistent shots of espresso right from the beginning (with semi-automatic machine some of your first few shots may be close to undrinkable).
  • Time – it will take far less of your time to make your espresso drink with a super automatic machine.
  • Reliability – super automatic machines are more prone to problems than semi-automatic machines.
  • Control of the brewing process – you will not get the best possible shot out of your beans with a super automatic machine.
  • Cost – super automatic machines cost usually more than a comparable semi-automatic machine.
  • freshly-brewed-espresso

Still not decided which way to go? Maybe a semi-automatic espresso machine with an option to take ESE pods (as well as ground coffee) may be the answer. You can start with the pods and then quickly progress to using your own coffee.

Unlike a coffee maker (which uses a dripping mechanism to brew a cup of joe) an espresso machine works instead by forcing very hot water through finely ground coffee known as a “puck.” This process causes the liquid to become thicker than regular coffee. In the end, this cappuccino also forms froth, known as “crema,” on top of the drink as a result of emulsifying the oils in the coffee into a colloid.

A fact that many people get backwards is that an espresso shot actually has less caffeine than cup of coffee (40-75 mg as compared to 80-185 mg.) If daily caffeine intake is a concern to you, then an espresso machine is a great investment.

Finally, when trying to find the best home espresso maker for your needs, you’re going to have to consider what type of drive mechanism you want it to use to make the beverage. Not all espresso machines operate in the same way, and the strength and taste of the drink is affected by the operation it uses to produce it. (Source: http://davidandmax.com)

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Apr 16

Preparing good quality rice with the right rice cooker

Rice is a powerful food staple for every meal, so you better cook rice in good quality. It is sometimes difficult for you to avoid undercooking or overcooking the rice. However, you apply your method of preparing for a good result. What is your method of cooking rice? Are you sure you are preparing good quality cooked rice? What might be the difference in the quality of rice when using an electric kitchen appliance?

white rice

Significant Uses of Rice Cooker

A rice cooker or multi cooker is an appliance used for automated cooking with a timer. A multi cooker has many uses. It can steam, stew, roast, grill, deep fry, boil, simmer, bake and grill food. It uses in preparing food using every type of method of cooking such as simmering, slow cooking, steaming, boiling and also baking. This device is operated by putting the ingredient inside and selecting the corresponding program then leaving it for a few minutes until it is perfectly cooked. (Guide: How to cook rice perfectly)

There are stovetop pots that you can cook rice in a covered pan on the stove but how about preferring a rice cooker or a multi cooker in cooking rice? A rice cooker is a designed to cook short, medium or long grain rice with little or without intervention from the cook. This electric appliance has the capacity in a better result in cooking the rice. It is an automated tool that allows better quality cooked rice compared to a stovetop. It reduces time spent in the kitchen preparing meals.

Steps in Easy Cooking

With these, you just need to follow simple steps or guidelines to make the cooking easy. First, you have to pick a rice type. Examples are purple rice, brown rice or typically plain white rice. Then find appropriate indicator and fill the pot up to the marker inside it. The rice will be optimized, and it will taste better.

Performance is may be the reason some uses an electric cooker since its result is mostly better that stovetop cooking. There is the tendency that you vary the heat pressure depending on the amount and type of rice you are cooking. Long-grain brown rice takes much time in the cooking  you are using the stovetop. But when you use a rice cooker, it reduces the time consumed in food. Using a slower cooker will need more effort concerning cooking rice. You have to monitor it and stir from time to time. It gives your convenience of using the rice cooker because you don’t have to stand by on it in the entire process of cooking. Rice cooker makes the cooked rice more tastes. It gives aroma to the rice after it has cooked. Through the keep-warm setting, you don’t have to worry that it will be overcooked or undercooked. (Read: Purchasing a fuzzy rice cooker)

The primary benefit of a rice cooker is making cooking easier for you. This innovative technology is a great help in preparing an excellent quality of cooked rice.

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Aug 15

Top Secrets of My Daily Joy Both At Home and At Work Place


Maintaining a smiling face all through the day is not an easy task especially given the daily pressures we have to go through. Sometimes our relationships with the family may be constrained and getting to work makes our days endless given the ever suspicious bosses and the nagging employees. Keeping your joys and hopes high is all we need in our daily lives. A cup of espresso never lets you down and with the espresso machine reviews you are able to determine the machine to purchase and start enjoying your life and let all the pressures flee you.

After a morning jog in my hood after waking up I let go all my sorrows and ease my day with espresso. This makes me fresh and ready to face the day’s challenges.

At my work place I can never do without another cup of espresso which I normally take at intervals of two to three hours thanks to my employer that offers them freely. When I take my favorite drink I just feel that my nerves are reactivated and my memory is boosted. I can be able to handle more demanding tasks at work with ease and even faster. I also find espresso to be a major booster in my digestion which makes me feed on so many other types of food without any discomfort in my stomach.


Courtesy of the espresso machine reviews, my employer was able to purchase the right machine that enables my colleagues and me to enjoy our favorite drink. The machine does not only make quality espresso but also makes the preparation fast. With the right amounts of the ingredients of making espresso, quality is not an issue with the machine. It serves hot espresso that you need to take caution while drinking. At home I normally get my espresso ready which I drink while watching television.