Oct 15

A Decision Criteria in Choosing the Best Air Mattress

When I moved house from my mother’s to my new apartment in Texas, I realized that I did not have enough money to buy a good solid guest bed. This was enough reason for me to worry since my cousin Mirinda had promised that she would constantly visit me on weekends for sleepovers. On my online search for the cheapest beds, I stumbled on air mattresses that not only promised of amazing affordability but also cozy comfortability. I however found myself in a dilemma in choosing the best air mattress since they were so many selling.


The air mattresses had great ratings and rave reviews that left me wondering over which air bed to select. Out of the highly acclaimed air beds that I stumbled on were Serta Air Raised bed, Sound Asleep Dream Series, Insta-bed Air Raised bed, Insta-bed EZ Queen Air bed, Aero bed Comfort and Intex Raised Downy airbed. All these beds had great features and therefore confusing me further on the one to buy.

I however came up with a decision criteria. I wanted a queen size bed that would perfectly suit my cousin Mirinda. Two, the air mattress had to have a sure-firm grip on the ground. It also had to have a comfort coil and never flat technology so that Mirinda would sleep soundly without having to wake up in the dead of the night to refill the air in her bed. I would also go for a bed that had at least 1 year warranty lest I bought a bed that would wear in a matter of months. There was no way that I was going to spend my hard-earned money on a bed that would not last for long. Mirinda had also requested for a bed that had a built-in headboard and therefore I had to factor that in my decision.