Feeding the Rice Lover

My husband is one of those guys who can’t let a meal pass by without eating at least 3 cups of rice. For some reason, he does not get fat though and he does not even exercise so it must be that metabolism. I decided to buy the best rice cooker brand in order to cook a lot of rice for our anniversary. I expect him to come home late for work so I have a lot of time to prepare everything. I wanted it to be a surprise so I also bought some meat in order to cook his favorite the Pot Roast Beef since that goes well with rice. I also thought sesame seed would mix well with Japanese rice too. Later on, I prepared the plates, spoons and forks already plus a candle for it to become a romantic dinner. Of course, it would be better to celebrate an anniversary at home instead of doing it at a restaurant so there would be nobody else around the place except the two of you.


The moment my husband came home, I shouted him “Surprise!” and he dropped his briefcase in amazement. I know it was a long day at work for him since he works at an insurance company. I knew he was going to be so hungry though since all that stress can make your tummy growl. He looked so happy when he saw the dinner table was all set with his favorite rice. He quickly gave me a kiss then a hug as he sat down. We looked so happy as we chomped down on the Japanese Rice and the Pot Roast Beef. It did not take long before he told me to do it again next year because he loves surprises especially when it involves a lot of rice.

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