How My Sewing Machine Has Made Me A Better Quilter

To say the least; quilting is one of the things I have never liked; Interestingly, from my tender age, I saw my mom do the quilting every single night, and at no time did I develop some sort of interest. Every day my mom insisted I watched her do the quilting, but all her pleas felt on deaf ears. Had I known this was some of the things I was going to do at some point in my life, I would have let her teach me.

My journey to quilting actually started after I got married and our first son born; since I was home most of the time, at times, I really got bored and needed something to keep me busy. I talked to my husband about my ordeal and after a very lengthy discussion he suggested I go for a few sewing lesson and I start quilting straight away. I was surprised, but then again not shocked; my husband loved quilting and I think it is one of the skills he learnt from his mom. I agreed to her terms, but under one condition; just like my mom, he must get me the best sewing machine for quilting. He agreed he will buy me once I clear my sewing lessons.

sewing class

On a rather twist of events, it is now over a year since I completed my sewing lessons and got my first sewing machine for quilting. Thanks to my sewing machines, I love doing small quilting tasks every other day. Although, the sewing machine for quilting did cost us a significant amount of money, some of the features it has have in a way made every aspect of quilting easier and straightforward. A the end; if quilting is something you want to be apart of , just like my story, I suggest you also buy the right sewing machine for quilting for the benefits are far reaching.

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