Searching for the best electric tea kettle? Read this

Looking to make the switch to an electric kettle? Perhaps you are just seeking an upgrade, or a model more geared towards what you need it for.

There are countless tea kettles available now, making it a fairly arduous task when searching for the best electric tea kettle that suits your needs. The information below will go a long way in helping you reach a decision.

best tea kettle

Electric tea kettles offer a variety of uses and advantages over standard kettles that require external heating. While conventional kettles aren’t necessarily inferior, they do lack in many areas when compared to their electric counterparts. These are some of the bigger advantages worth noting.

Perhaps the biggest reason that many people opt for electric tea kettles is the convenience they offer. These kettles are simple to use, and require no external heat source. Some versions of electric kettles have their heat source built in, while others are made to be used with a base that heats the kettle.

At minimum, the kettle has a function that allows you to heat it with the press of a button. Others have programmable timers that allow you to determine when it turns on. There are even electric kettles that can heat the water to a specific temperature, which makes the ideal for brewing both coffee and tea.

Making Tea on a Stove

Electric tea kettles also provide a safer option for those that may forget to turn their stoves off, or forget that they are heating a kettle in the first place, as some may offer automatic shut off after running a heating cycle. Overall, electric tea kettles offer an easy way to heat up water for any culinary use calling for it. (Learn more on the benefits of electric kettle)

If you’ve used a conventional kettle before, you’re very aware of how long the process can sometimes take. It can seem like an eternity from the time you fill the kettle to when the water is actually ready for use, especially if your stove has gas burners. Electric tea kettles are much more efficient in their use of energy, and can heat up a full kettle in half the time it takes for a stovetop version. This can be very beneficial if you are in a hurry to brew coffee and tea – and who isn’t?

This was stated earlier, but worth mentioning again. Many electric kettles have the ability to heat water to a specific temperature. This is a great amenity to those who need water just below boiling point for things such as French presses, pour over coffee brewers, and loose leaf teas.

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