What is a thesis?

To talk about how to do a thesis we must review what we already discussed when we wrote about how to do an essay. A thesis is an idea that is exposed to the principle of an argumentative text and that must be defended throughout the same with solid supports aimed at demonstrating that this thesis is correct. Equivalent to the hypothesis in the scientific test.

By extension the thesis has been called the end-of-career work that a student must present and defend to demonstrate his qualification to develop the profession for which he has studied. When is an end-of-career thesis is known as a thesis and when your presentation is to opt for the title of doctor, is called doctoral thesis.

How to make a thesis?

First we will talk about how to do a thesis for an essay, which would be the first meaning of the word. The thesis must be included in the introduction of the essay, where we are going to raise a problem that according to our point of view exists and that requires a solution.

The solution we propose is the thesis itself and we will defend it throughout the argumentative text that follows, ending with a conclusion about our theory. It must be a new and original solution, which has not been raised before by another author.

Unlike the hypothesis in a scientific essay, in an argumentative essay the thesis does not have to be demonstrated with a scientific method, we can develop it based on opinions and personal perceptions. For example, we can develop a thesis on philosophical concepts that are impossible to prove scientifically: “Goodness in human nature” “Love in oriental cultures” etc.

What is a doctoral thesis?

In the doctoral thesis the name of a part of the writing, the thesis, has been taken for the whole, the work itself. The doctoral thesis is the one made by a student after having graduated from a career when he wants to obtain a doctor’s degree, that is, the highest university level.

How to do a doctoral thesis presents differences regarding an argumentative essay without more. To begin with, the length of an essay is very variable and can range from a simple folio to hundreds of them. A doctoral thesis is a broad and very deep study that always requires a certain volume. In fact many theses are edited as essay books.

A doctoral thesis is not based on ideas or perceptions only, but all of them must be properly documented and justified. Even in subjects such as philosophy and religion, it is necessary to investigate the opinions of other authors to reason how we have arrived at the elaboration of our thesis and defend its validity. In the first of the links you can see at the foot of this article are the conditions for the development of a doctoral thesis in philosophy so that they can get an idea of the complexity that surrounds this work.

In the case that the subject so requires the thesis will have to be demonstrated by the scientific method, which from the point of view of the trial would become synonymous with hypothesis. It could also be called theory.

In summary, if you think about how to do a doctoral thesis, think that you must meet at least the following requirements: innovate, expand a field of knowledge, be well documented, be written in a clear and orderly and convince the reader to read it it’s correct. The latter is very important since the aspiring doctor must defend his thesis before a university court to get his degree.